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Data & Reporting Tools: India, Pakistan

Green Gradient

India's Missing Covid Deaths, An India Today Interactive

India Council of World Affairs, a research organization that publishes studies on India's foreign policy and related issues.

Center for Monitoring the India Economy is a private organization, whose data offers helpful insight to the Indian economy. 
Centre for Sustainable Employment is a research center at Azim Premji University, India, that provides helpful data and reports on the state of work in India 
Centre for Economic Research in Pakistan is a non-partisan policy organization that examines Pakistan’s economy. Its podcast can be helpful in focusing on specific issues. 
Prime Institute is a public policy institute in Pakistan that examines public policy “dedicated to the ideals of liberty, and limited government, free markets, and development.”

Dataleads is a resource for "training, data analysis, fact-checking initiatives, media research and media development initiatives" in India and across Asia. With an emphasis on fact-checking, they hold seminars and training sessions across India

Health Analytics Asia, based in New Delhi, focuses on connecting journalists with health experts, promoting credible health journalism, and offers critical health data for countries across the region.

The FactShala is a news and information literacy initiative launched by Internews in collaboration with DataLEADS and with support from and the Google News Initiative. It's focus is on reaching under-served communities and groups across India. It offers trainings, its website provides tools for fact-checking, and supports community based radio stations.

IndiaSpend is a fact-checking and reporting effort in English, Hindi, and Tamil that focuses on health, education, gender, the economy, the environment, and government. is a related effort that examines statements made by the government and public figures.

Pakistan Coalition for Ethical Journalism is part of a global network that encourages truth, independence, accuracy, humanity, and accountability. The work of its larger group work extends across South Asia.

Pakistan Press Foundation supports journalists' training and freedoms. 

Forum for Media and Literature, (India) produces and promotes investigative journalism, (English and Hindi). 

Citizen Matters is an online site that relies on work from professional reporters and citizen journalists to cover a number of issues across India. 

Open City is an online source for data for cities across India.

Video Volunteers is an innovative program that aims at increasing coverage of rural communities and marginal groups across India through volunteers, reporting and training. It can be a good source for story ideas and following public issues.

Council on Energy, Environment and Water is a non-partisan think tank based in Delhi, India

Glaciers Are Retreating. Millions Rely on Their Water., The New York Times, USA

How and Why India's Climate Will Change in the Coming Decades, The India Forum

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