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Welcome to a collaboration of Indian and Pakistani Journalists

We are 80 journalists from Pakistan and India brought together by a reporting project developed by the East-West Center in Hawai'i and focused on "Reporting on Cross-Border Issues of Mutual Concern." Sixty of us met in Kathmandu for a workshop September 5-11, 2022 to plan cross-border stories that you can read on the East West Center website and in the Special Reports section above. You can also read stories we wrote about the Kathmandu workshop in Special Reports.


Our group developed this website to share cross-border stories and collaborations as well as other reports about issues of mutual concern to both of our countries. We have also included data and other valuable resources for reporting on our two countries as well as cross-border reporting around the world; and a section on Peace Journalism, which we have considered/applied as we pursue our cross-border reporting on our neighbor country. 

Our group joins another 100 Indian and Pakistani journalists and 100 Master’s Degree journalism students who participated in earlier East-West Center cross-border journalism programs starting in 2015. This total force of 280 journalists is dedicated to stories that inform, inspire, and engage our communities in both countries; focus on common issues that unite us rather than divide us; and offer solutions, not just describe problems. We strive to offer reporting that relies on fact-based resources and data, includes diverse perspectives from both countries, and incorporates the latest technology. Our stories are linked below.

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We hope our website and reporting will open doors into lives that haven't been opened before. Our goal is to develop and share this website as a resource to enhance, inspire and increase cross-border reporting and collaboration around the world.  
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